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DVD Covers


We’ve had the pleasure of creating artwork for several Peridot Pictures projects over the years including DVD & packaging design as well as video graphics and pos display. Each film or video project has it’s own look but I designed a simple blue band and typographical look to give each a family feel. You know right away that it comes from the very talented folks at Peridot.

To date the projects include:

American Drummer Boy – feature length film about the Civil War

The Floyd Collins Story – the great 1920s cave explorer story shot on location in the Mammoth Cave area

The Secrets of the Kentucky Derby – a behind the scenes look at our Kentucky tradition

All Aboard – a three episode mini-series about three of the cars now on display at the Historic Train Depot & Railpark

Independence Hall – an historic look at our birthplace of freedom

Legends of the Sky: The Jenny – the history of this iconic aircraft and it’s builder, Glenn Curtiss