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Historic Railpark & Train Museum

The Historic Railpark & Train Museum located in the 1925-built L&N Depot in Bowling Green, Kentucky is the home of a two-story museum and 7+ Railcar Consist. I designed the graphics for the original museum displays and have also continued to design all the additional displays, both temporary and permanent since including the railcar displays for the Post Office Car and the E-8 Engine.

Work on the website has consisted of three different design versions from the original update. Version #1 objective: to create a more graphic & storytelling approach from the original static site. Version #2 objective: was a design revision to create a more uniform menu look as you clicked page to page. It was also to make the “News & Events” section more inviting. Version #3 objective: was a complete overhaul to move to a CMS (WordPress content management system) giving management easier access to the backend for changes. An additional goal was to try to provide answers to most consumer questions on the homepage.

The movie is a review of all three designs slightly sped up to give you a quick overview.

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