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The Flying Jenny Centennial Air Tour

Two significant airplanes were developed and produced in America during WW1. The Curtiss JN4 “Jenny”, to train pilots, and the de Havilland DH4 “Liberty Plane” to go to War. Both changed the face of aviation forever.

Headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky the Friends of Vintage Flight is a non-profit organization founded to bring the early American Aviation story to the general public in the form of a hands-on, flying WW1 warbirds. We currently have two planes in our hanger – the first a 1917 Curtiss JN-4 Biplane “Jenny” and the second a 1918 American-built DH4 “Liberty” combat warplane. These aircraft, will be managed, maintained, and flown by FOVF. FOVF consists of an all-volunteer group of aviators and aviation aficionados, who have worked most diligently to restore and bring to flight status each plane.

The restored 1912 “Jenny” travels regularly cross country on its own power. Since being introduced to the public as THE FLYING JENNY CENTENNIAL AIR TOUR in 2013, the airship has been flown to ten states and been seen by nearly one million people.